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You Stir the Sugar In a Wrong Way All Your Life


I bet you’re all well-mannered people. But do you always follow the rules of etiquette in the right way? It’s not only members of the Royal family that have to watch themselves in public.

For instance, it’s actually rather rude to say “Bless you” to a person who just sneezed at a business meeting. The same goes for covering your face with your right hand as you sneeze or cough. When you’re stirring sugar in your tea, move the spoon but back and forth, like a small pendulum, instead of a circular motion. Here’s a short list of etiquette rules that you might be breaking every day and not even notice.

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“Bless You!” 0:19
Proper hand to use 0:45
Gym etiquette 1:34
Business etiquette 2:03
Table etiquette 2:26
Etiquette rules from across the world:
South Korea 4:58
Greece, Turkey, Montenegro and Egypt 5:21
the Middle East 5:42
Europe 6:00
France 6:35
Italy 7:06

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-If you’re on a business meeting and somebody suddenly sneezes, it’s better not to say “Bless you!”, but to pretend as if you noticed nothing.
-When you cover your mouth with your right hand while coughing, it gets covered in germs which later happily move to people who come into contact with you.
-You should keep a towel with you to wipe up your sweat. It’d also be good etiquette to re-set weight machines at lower settings when you’re finished using them.
-Say the person’s first name or Doctor, if appropriate, and introduce everybody present, starting from the highest rank to the lowest one.
-Remember to always enter your seat from the right side and never shake someone’s hand while seated. You should be passing food around the table in a counterclockwise direction, or to the right. Don’t put the soup spoon on a tablecloth or napkin.
-While traveling to South Korea, be aware of their respect towards the elder people. When one of your elders offers you a drink, the proper etiquette is to receive it with both hands, and then turn your head away as you take your first sip.
-If you’re traveling to Greece, Turkey, Montenegro or Egypt, to name a few, please note that the plumbing may not be designed for flushing toilet paper.
-While in, let’s say, Italy, it’s normal to wave your hands back and forth while speaking, but be more careful with gestures in the Middle East.
-Turn down the volume: for the majority of European countries, it’s more common for people to use their library voice.
-In some countries, like France, for instance, hugging can be considered more intimate than kissing.
-In Italy, while it’s still generally considered polite to let a woman to go through the door first, that rule goes away when entering a restaurant.

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