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Why China Is Number One in High-Speed Railroads


China has the largest network of high-speed trains in the world. It stretches a whopping 15,500 miles all over the country. But while that all sounds impressive, I can’t help but wonder why they’d spend a fortune on building such a vast bullet train network when airplanes exist?

First, most central train stations are downtown, so you can easily reach them by subway. You don’t need to go through extensive pre-boarding security. And even if there are some delays, they don’t happen too often and are much shorter than those at airports. Also, with their wider seats, more legroom, and freedom to move around, modern bullet trains offer their passengers more comfort. That’s only the beginning of the list of reasons why high-speed trains rock.

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Why going by plane isn’t always the fastest option 0:27
It’s also a matter of money 2:05
How does China manage to keep construction costs so low? 3:50
The future of the railway system 5:39
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-First, you need to get to the Beijing airport. Then, you must find your way in this huge multi-terminal transportation hub. Chances are that your flight will be delayed. And then another problem is that airspace in China is incredibly congested.
-You can hand over as much as $500 for a Beijing-Hong Kong plane trip. But the same journey by train will cost you much less: around $150.
-Salaries in China are significantly lower than in the West, which means less money goes to construction workers. Also, high-speed railroads are built with the help of local materials, and that’s great for both saving money and supporting the regional economy. But the most important thing is that all railroad parts, such as tracks and embankments, are all standardized.
-In the nearest future, they’re going to build a 48-mile-long high-speed rail line between Zhoushan that will include a 10-mile-long tunnel running under the sea, making it the first underwater high-speed train tunnel in China.
-Shanghai Maglev reaches the top speed of a mind-blowing 268 miles per hour, so it takes just 8 minutes to travel 19 miles.

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