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The Story Of Mary Celeste Ship Where All People Just Disappeared


The story of Mary Celeste is one of the greatest sea mysteries of all time. How can everyone on board a ship simply vanish into thin air? There are plenty of theories but no answers to this day. Perhaps she was doomed from the start?

Actually, she didn’t always go by Mary Celeste. She was originally called Amazon. The ship was made in 1861, and from her first voyage, the Amazon already started getting a bad reputation for possibly being a cursed ship… When she got a new name, her new captain was Benjamin Spooner Briggs. He put together the best crew, and those 7 men along with their captain and his family set out on that fateful trans-Atlantic trip from New York to Genoa…

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Why the ship had a bad reputation 0:55
10 people on board and 1,700 barrels of alcohol 2:40
The situation gets totally bizarre 3:10
Nobody on the ship 3:59
The captain’s journal 4:30
What theories are there? 5:12
Mutiny on board? 7:32
The most probable theory 8:19

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– A lot of her future owners would go bankrupt, each of them selling the vessel to repay their debts. She also lost her first captain to illness. During Amazon’s first journey across the Atlantic Ocean, the ship crashed into another vessel, sending the latter to the bottom of the English Channel.
– Along with the 10 people on board, the ship was also carrying 1,700 barrels of denatured alcohol. This industrial liquid is highly flammable if not contained properly.
– For reasons unknown to this very day, Mary Celeste never did make it to Genoa. At some point in her journey, something terrible happened.
– There wasn’t a single soul on the ship. Ok, well, perhaps they had to abandon? But here’s the thing: all of their belongings and food were still there!
– Captain Briggs had a habit of keeping very detailed and thorough notes in his journal. The last entry had been made on November 25. It mentioned bad weather, but nothing more – nothing that would be enough to force Briggs, his wife and daughter, and the crew to leave Mary Celeste in such a hurry.
– Perhaps the captain didn’t think the ship would survive the storm, given that it might easily flood with a broken pump. The only problem is that there were no storms reported in that area at that time.
– One theory suggests that pirates could’ve attacked the ship. But that theory doesn’t hold since all the personal belongings, food, and valuable cargo were left untouched.
– What if the crew mutinied against their captain? Briggs was known to be pretty strict with discipline. Again, it’s highly unlikely and pretty much disproven.
– The final and most probable theory comes down to the 9 alcohol barrels found empty on the ship. They were made from a kind of porous timber that couldn’t stop alcohol from evaporating.
– Captain Briggs might’ve noticed that some barrels were empty and ordered everybody to get off the ship as soon as possible before the hull explodes.
– And still, even this theory has its flaws. Why was there no smell of alcohol on board when Mary Celeste was found if 9 whole barrels had leaked completely dry?

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