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If You Like Harry Potter You’re a Good Person According to Science


Hey there! Do you know what House you’d be in at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Have you already found out what your Patronus would be? Have you read all the books cover-to-cover and seen all the movies more times than you can count? Then you must be a bonafide Potterhead! And according to a recent study, that makes you a really good person!

The people who have read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies and fell in love with them must have formed a strong bond to each of the main characters and their great friendship. This love and understanding for people who don’t fit in could alter your worldview and make you more empathetic towards people who are different from others.

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An orphan who lives in a cupboard 0:45
Smart bookworm 1:05
Laughing stock to the entire school 1:27
A half giant with a heart of gold 1:54
Economic status, background, physical appearance… Does all this stuff matter for you? 2:43
What’s the message of the story? 4:01

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– Harry is an orphan who lives in a cupboard under the stairs with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. They’re not the nicest of people, and they treat Harry like dirt.
– Hermione Granger comes from a family of highly educated people in the real world. Her parents are just normal (or “muggle”) dentists.
– Ron Weasley always gets hand-knitted sweaters from his mom for Christmas, and she often sends him letters known as “howlers” that scream at the poor guy for everyone around to hear!
– Hagrid is a massive man who looks scary when you first see him. But we soon learn that he’s just a big sweetheart with a giant heart of gold.
– Neville Longbottom, who’s extremely clumsy and forgetful, also ends up becoming a hero once he decides to be brave.
– Anyway, the study, called “The Greatest Magic of Harry Potter: Reducing Prejudice,” was led by psychologist Dr. Loris Vezzali. It consisted of 3 parts in which they tested elementary, high-school, and university students.
– They noticed a significant connection between people who identify with the positive characters in the series and a better attitude toward stigmatized groups in society.
– In the books and movies, there’s an overwhelming positive message with a focus on love, friendship, and tolerance, even in the face of horrible circumstances.
– Reading about the struggles of alienated people could make you more sensitive towards them, as you can see through their eyes and picture yourself in their shoes.

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