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Bring Down the Walls – Building Human Spaces for Learning | Saumya Kulshreshtha | TEDxIIITD


Saumya Kulshreshtha is a writer, poet, translator, digital marketer, community curator, and educator. It is in poetry and education that she finds the pulse of her existence. She is the Founder of Poets’ Collective, a Delhi based poetry club with a World Record in its name. She loves delving deep into literature, poetry, and mythology, and teaches the same at several institutions. She is also a communications instructor, having conducted training sessions and workshops in colleges all over India. She is a voracious reader (trying to clock a 100 books each year), avid traveler and enjoys singing. If she was allowed to pass on her personal gifts to students, she thinks an unwavering passion for reading and eternal fascination with the world are going to be on top of her list.

Saumya has built an engaged community of students around her, both in formal and informal spaces. She transforms her classrooms into thriving grounds of discussion and self-discovery, using poetry, art, and storytelling at the core of her teaching approach. In her talk, she takes the audience on a journey through her career as a teacher, discussing the subtle nuances of the art of expressing oneself. She makes a compelling case for ushering in a new wave of teaching, where the walls around teachers are demolished and pedestals are destroyed to transform teachers into accessible, real and human entities, complete with emotions and vulnerabilities. She argues that teaching is more a process of unlearning and shares her deep fascination with what her students have been capable of in the past, and the promise they hold for the future.
A writer by passion and profession, Saumya has made a name for herself as a Poet, Blogger, Editor and Translator. Her professional commitments include consultation for content, communication and academic strategy, along with freelance teaching assignments across schools and colleges. Innovation and impact, with a creative thought process – this is what she is looking forward to in future projects and assignments. he runs a poetry club in the city called Poets’ Collective, which has become popular as an informal platform to share heartfelt words. Saumya conducts poetry, story-telling and creative writing workshops in NGOs, schools and colleges. She is also a guest lecturer at IIIT Delhi and NIFT for the purpose of teaching poetry. Her writing spills into blogs, books, digital platforms and scripts for stage and web. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx