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Benefits of Super Green and Super Fruit Supplements


Consuming green super foods and super fruits will provide your body with many of the nutrients required for a properly functioning immune system all in a highly concentrated form with very few calories making superfoods supplements a wise, healthy nutritional choice.

Inflammation It is now believed inflammation to be at the root of most chronic health problems including as a contributing factor in heart disease and many other chronic conditions. Inflammatory factors contribute to the formation of plaques in arterial walls. Inflammation causes micro tears in the arterial walls and the liver creates cholesterol to patch the tears.

A test for CRP levels in your blood ( C-Reactive Protein) now standard on blood test forms can reveal if your body is in an inflamed state, be sure to ask for it when having your next blood test. Diet and genetic predisposition strongly affect the body’s tendency to overshoot when it comes to inflammation, a diet high in processed and cooked foods particularly those made from white flour, sugar, dairy and meats will push the body towards a more inflammatory state. Super green food supplements balance in the other direction and assist the body in maintaining an alkaline balance. Oxidation In the process of cellular metabolism free radicals are created in a process called oxidation.

A free radical is a molecule that contains an unpaired electron or free radical and are also produced by the immune system when it identifies and eliminates pathogenic agents and by the inflammatory process. Unpaired electrons will look for new electrons with which to pair itself and will steal one from another healthy molecule, it might steal this electron from genetic material, cholesterol, fats or proteins creating new free radicals and a chain reaction of oxidation is set in motion.

So it makes sense to consume fresh fruits vegetables and super green food supplements that are naturally high in anti-oxidants and also are anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants simply donate an electron to the unpaired electrons and to each other and thus spare cellular damage caused by the unpaired electrons stealing from healthy cells. Alkaline The human body is slightly alkaline in its natural state. The body has developed fail-safe mechanisms for keeping PH within normal limits, maintaining optimal pH with a diet rich in super green foods isn’t an imperative for keeping you alive today but reducing the amount of work your body has to do to control pH does make a big difference in your health over the long haul.

The modern humans diet works against maintaining an alkaline state because foods such as meat, dairy, sugar and grains all have an acidifying effect on the body, (the body takes calcium and other minerals from your bones to neutralize the acid and over time this can lead to osteoporosis) even though they may not be acidic in and of themselves, it means that when they are digested and assimilated they cause acids to be produced within the body. Sugars are extremely acid forming meat and dairy are the most acid forming foods you can eat. Super green food supplements are very helpful in maintaining a alkaline healthy body.




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